Scale your coaching or consulting business to 7-figures and become the #1 choice in your market.

We’ve made 35+ millionaires and 312+ six-figure coaches out of the 500+ customers we’ve worked with.

Consulting Leaders Mastermind is an annual mentorship program that provides 1-on-1 mentorship from Bastiaan and his team that goes over how to:

– Build an A-Team

– Build your company ecosystem

– Build systems & processes

– Automate & delegate everything

– Stay in your zone of genius

– Scale to 7-figures with a proven roadmap and become the leading expert in your industry

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. This is why at Consulting Leaders Mastermind we provide hands-on mentorship and guidance through our customized roadmaps.


We have already helped our clients generate over $20,000,000

We’ve helped create 35+ millionaires and 312+ 6-Figure Coaches out of 500+ clients we’ve worked with regardless of whether they were starting from scratch or were already established coaches.

The reason we get our clients such incredible results is because we provide hands-on guidance, practice what we preach, and genuinely care for everyone we work together with.

Personalized Expert Mentorship

Consulting Leaders Mastermind is an annual 1-1 mentorship program exclusively with Bastiaan Slot.

In this mentorship program, we’ll focus on how we can scale your business to 7-figures and become the the #1 choice in your industry in the shortest amount of time.

You get exclusive access to our team, all our products, systems & processes, 1-1 mentorship from Bastiaan, a community of winners, events and much more.

Bastiaan provides hands-on mentorship to ensure you can create a long-term 7-figure coaching business that’s capable of running and growing on its own using a custom roadmap designed specifically for you..

Our Offer

  •  Learning Platform & Private Resources

  • Full Access To Bastiaan’s Team

  • Weekly Mentorship Calls w/ Bastiaan

  • Find Appointment Setters/Closers

  • 365 Day Coaching Trajectory

  • 24/7 Voice & Text Mentorship through Messenger (Hands-On)

  • Plug & Play Our Systems & Processes For Every Department

  • (12) 90 Minute Deep Dive Battle Plan Call

  • Facebook Group Mastermind

  • Find A-Players For Your Coaching Business

  • Weekly Accountability & Business Check-Ins

  • Facebook Group Mastermind Messenger Chat

Mastermind Deliverables

  • Building Your Business Ecosystem For Your Team
  • DFY | Recruiting Team Members (COO, Sales Reps, Appointment Setters etc.)
  • DFY | Weekly Sales Training From My Sales & Operations Team
  • Creating KPIs, Goals & Assigning Responsibilities To Team Members
  • Creating Your Sales Infrastructure, CRM & Follow-Up System
  • Creating Internal Customized Systems & Processes For Your Ecosystem 
  • Access To Our Funding Partners, Media Buyers & Modelling Our Paid Infrastructure
  • Access To Our Marketing & Sales Strategies For Organic & Paid Advertising
  • Access To Our Internal Onboarding & Delivery Systems/Processes 
  • Full & Unlimited Access To Bastiaan & The Team In A Group Chat
  • Full & Weekly Access To 60-Minute Calls With Bastiaan
  • 24/7 Text/Voice Support From Bastiaan

Mastermind Structure

  • 90-Minute Business Planning Session Each Quarter (4) 
  • Full & Weekly Access To 60-Minute Calls With Bastiaan
  • Full & Unlimited Access To Bastiaan & The Team In A Group Chat
  • 24/7 Text/Voice Support From Bastiaan

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